My work’s goal is to break the experience of time as a straight line, as a unique arrow. The multiplicity of its actual dimensions comes, in fact, from the complexity of the concept of the human being. Time is thought of now as an infinite architecture of spirals, a process where all contradictions are integrated but not resolved.

Through my projects, I investigate the connection between movement, time and identity. I start from personal experiences and use subjects such as contemporary nomads, displacements, slow behaviors versus frenetic deadlines, childhood memories, etc., to transcend the private space and move to a critical discourse on historical, social and/or philosophical issues. Video and interactive installations give me the appropriate language to approach these subjects related to a flexible, always moving and thought critically point of view about contemporary world. It is clear to me that digital technology, as well as any other creation language, should be used not because of its formal aspects, but as the base of a specific concept and idea, although it is also equally clear to me the necessity of experimentation with a digital language that affects contemporary behaviors, in order to get a critical viewpoint of contemporary issues.

I am currently working on IN-QUIETUDS (REST-LESSNESS), a video, sound and interactive installation project in which I explore the processes of construction of a flexible identity through nomad experiences, understanding as nomad someone who doesn’t have a permanent residency, but who, for any reason, moves to leave to a different place every x time; as well as understanding as nomad a resistant, active and political attitude in front of a too hegemonic, static and lineal viewpoint that eliminates the individuals. The project focuses on 3 very different territories: New York, Western Saharan and Barcelona.
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