5 channel video for the interactive installation, 2004
2' 35"

Excerpt: 40"

In this video excerpt the viewer can hear 2 sound channels at the same time:
1. On the left side, sounds of breathing and voices counting.
2. On the right side, the music of gralles and the sound of the crowd in the square where the Human Towers are taking place.

In the installation, the viewer can hear these two kind of sounds, one internal and another external, depending of his/her position: towards the back of the corridor, the viewer hears external sounds (ambient, crowd). As he/she moves closer to the monitors, the sound changes to internal sounds of people making the Human Tower (breathing, swallowing, counting).

©Mireia Feliu Fabra

*To be able to watch the video you need Quicktime (either for Mac or for PC)